20 June 2010


This site is named after the magnum opus of Immanuel Kant, who is widely considered to have been a great guy. In particular, he is regarded by many as the greatest philosopher of modern times (that is, since around 1700).

But this blog is not specifically about him, though he will no doubt feature in it. It is about my exploration of philosophy, now that I have decided to take it more seriously. I realized it was no good just reading the biographies of fascinating minds; I ought to actually explore the philosophy itself. So I’m now studying it quite formally, though independently.

I see this endeavour, at least symbolically, as a quest to read and understand Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, which was first published in 1781. It is a notoriously difficult book, and to make matters worse he changed his mind about a few things and partly rewrote it, leaving us with the task of weaving it all together. I am hoping that the experience of reading it will be better than I have been led to believe, but I also have to face the possibility that it will be considerably worse.

At the time of writing, I have a few ideas of what to write about, but nothing definite. I expect that some of it will be about science, art and politics, rather than philosophy per se. Hey, it’s my blog: I can do what I like.

I genuinely hope you find something here you love or hate or find interesting, and that you will leave a comment.

Who Am I?

My name is Alistair Robinson, travelling web developer and co-founder of CommissionCrowd. Get in touch at alistair [dot] robinson [at]

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